I think this is a great article for small business. Like we say, “Your website should show your full potential, not your start up budget!”


Small businesses are notorious for being at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to website design. After taking a look at the website for the business I will be working for the duration of the semester I decided to come up with some quick fixes to help with website boo boos and uh ohs. Although these changes may take some time to do, I would dare to say they are imperative to beginning to have a presence on the internet. I will preface my proposed website fixes by saying I have no educational background in web design or anything close to it but in the past I did work with a small business to revamp their website (and did so successfully).

5 Website Design Fixes:

1. Keep It Simple: Don’t over load a webpage because you feel that all of the information is important. Shorten down the…

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